DACA UPDATE: Regents of the University of California v. DHS (1/10/2018)

Federal District Judge William Alsup's injunction orders DHS to continue the DACA program and resume accepting DACA renewal applications while a lawsuit challenging the termination of the DACA program goes forward.  The case is Regents of the University of California v. DHS.

The nationwide injunction orders DHS to accept renewal applications from DACA grantees,  presumably including those whose benefits expire after March 5, 2018, the Trump Administration's target date for termination of DACA; these individuals were ineligible to file during the renewal period from September 5 to October 5, 2017.  

The court stopped short of requiring DHS to accept new DACA applications and does not compel the agency to issue advance parole to DACA beneficiaries.  This means that if you have never received DACA status, then you will NOT be able to file for DACA for the first time under this decision. 

The order requires DHS to issue a public notice and renewal instructions for eligible DACA beneficiaries, but it is not yet clear when or whether the agency will accept renewal applications.  DHS is expected to appeal the ruling and is likely to request a emergency stay of the district court order.

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